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Welcome to MENDING MYSELF FIRST.  Classes and workshops on coping and dealing with Addictions are now available, click on the classes and workshop link to view and register.  Need one on one coaching click on the one on one coaching link to view dates and time availability


Medisation Session

Meditation is the art of stilling the mind to a state of deeper peace and calmness.  Need to clear the mind through meditation, click on the Read More button to get started.

Products & Services

Need products to support the enhancement of your spirituality.  Feel free to click on the read more button to see a list of products and services that will help with the  development of your spirit

One on One Coaching

Do you need one on one support with a life coach, Do you need to talk to a life coach directly?   Try a life coach that will help support and guide you through any life dilemmas

Classes and workshops

Classes and workshop are available to mend your spirit and It gives you the a higher mind and a higher level of consciousness click read more to see what classes are available.

“Meditation and Class room sessions” are intended to guide you in one method of reducing stress and increasing relaxation. It is not intended to provide comprehensive instruction on managing stress, nor is it intended as a substitute for obtaining a psychological diagnosis or counseling.  Opinions expressed are either my very own or those of quoted sources.  If you are experiencing significant stress or anxiety you should seek treatment from a qualified mental health practitioner.

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